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Top food influencers in the industry

Top food influencers

Top food influencers

You’ve seen them as you’ve scrolled through Instagram and TikTok. They’ve shown up in your YouTube suggestions feed. Or maybe you’ve even partnered with them to market your own culinary creations.

Food influencers are a pillar of the modern food industry. Whether it’s through breathtaking presentations, innovative takes on classic recipes, or simply their charm and creativity, a top food influencer always leaves us hungry for their next post.

Let's explore some of the leading food influencers, delve into their specialties, and discover how you can draw inspiration from their work to market your food business.

Top F&B Influencers

Caitlin Greene – @starinfinitefood

Gaining popularity for her innovative recipes and presentation styles, Caitlin Greene blends her cooking and photography expertise to curate an unrivaled collection of food photos and engaging stories. 

With over 700K followers, both her Instagram and TikTok accounts highlight simple and tasty recipes, complete with easy-to-follow instructions. Her “recipe box” features standout hits that are organized to cater to specific diets. Particularly tempting examples include: 

• Paleo Chinese orange chicken tenders
• Vegan curried pumpkin sweet potato soup
• Keto creamy Tuscan basil garlic shrimp
• Grain-, nut-, and dairy-free varieties of other popular recipes

With social media platforms organized with a variety of viewers in mind, Catilin stands out as a food influencer who has a true passion for her craft.

Alexis Nikole – @blackforager 

A TikTok and Instagram star, Alexis introduces her followers to the wonders of nature, and how foraged ingredients can elevate your dishes.

Boasting over 4 million followers, Alexis and her adventurous escapades continue to fascinate us. Whether it's ‘lemonade’ extracted from foraged berries or homemade rosewater, Alexis loves showing the world how your everyday shrubbery just might be the secret ingredient to a delicious treat.

As Alexis cautions, foraging can be unpredictable. So, while we can’t recommend venturing out into the woods for your next meal, we can recommend watching her do so.

With an environmental science degree and infectious enthusiasm, Alexis is the go-to food influencer for botanical knowledge packaged into short, entertaining videos.


Ella Mills – @deliciouslyella

A champion of plant-based cuisine, Ella’s creations serve as a testament to the variety of rich flavors among vegan palates.

In addition to showcasing Ella’s own creative prowess, her brand, 'Deliciously Ella,' is a treasure trove for anyone looking to embark on a plant-based journey. Here's what you can expect:

• Fast, delicious, and healthy plant-based recipes
• The ultimate guide to home-made smoothies and juices
• A collection of cookbooks filled with curated insights and tips for vegan cooking

From seasoned chefs to home cooks, Ella Mills caters to a wide audience of some 2.3 million followers. With passion and a pinch of style, she truly makes plant-based cuisine an art form.

Gordon Ramsay – @gordonramsayrestaurants

You don’t have to be a restaurateur to recognize the name Gordon Ramsay. 

As a restaurant owner and food entrepreneur himself, Ramsay’s social media pages highlight styles of cooking ranging from classic burgers and pizza to refined 5-star meals.

Absolutely hypnotic food reels await on Ramsay’s Instagram, whereas his TikTok features snappy 1-minute “duets” with other food influencer recipes—reaching over 39.7M followers on TikTok.

Yolanda Gampp – @howtocakeit 

With a flair for the creative, Yolanda crafts cakes, cookies, and other treats that are both visually stunning and delectably sweet, reaching over 600K followers across TikTok and Instagram.

Here are just a few of her mouthwatering creations: 

• Do-it-yourself lava cake for two 
• Overnight Swiss meringue buttercream
• Pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls

And the list goes on. Yolanda’s simple and easy-to-follow recipes guarantee delicious treats for any season or occasion. 

With an active Instagram account demonstrating her handiwork and a YouTube channel offering more detailed how-to baking guides, Yolanda is undisputably the queen of food influencers when it comes to creative, novelty desserts.

Why restaurants need food influencers

With their vast reach and authentic touch, a single food influencer can skyrocket a restaurant's popularity overnight. In fact, collaborations can spark fresh ideas and events, while menu highlights and partnerships can create a buzz that's irresistible to foodies.

By collaborating with food influencers, restaurants tap into a vast digital audience, ensuring their dishes reach the screens (and eventually, the plates) of countless food enthusiasts.

In short, for restaurants aiming to thrive, teaming up with food influencers is the recipe for success!

Expand your food influence with ghost kitchens

Imagine seeing a mouth-watering dish showcased by a favorite influencer—and then ordering that very dish from a ghost kitchen in moments. The overlap of social media with instant culinary gratification is reshaping how we experience food, turning these experiences into reality. For food entrepreneurs, this digital synergy offers an opportunity. 

By expanding into ghost kitchens, like those available through CloudKitchens, restaurateurs can cater to the always-online food delivery market—without needing to worry about the overhead costs of operating a traditional dine-in space. 

CloudKitchens further simplifies the process with the in-kitchen software you need to combine all delivery app orders into a single tablet. Contact our experts to see how our ghost kitchens can streamline the logistics and get you firing up the grills sooner rather than later.


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