Reimagine your restaurant with Atlanta ghost kitchens

Revolutionize your traditional restaurant when you get your ghost kitchen in Atlanta up and running in weeks.


Why open ghost kitchens in Atlanta?


Average basket size

The average basket size at our Atlanta ghost kitchen locations is $31, meaning more online revenue for your restaurant business.


Deliveries per week

Tap into more online delivery demand at our Atlanta dark kitchen locations with an average of 11.2K deliveries per week.


Average delivery time

Our Atlanta ghost kitchens are built for efficiency, with the logistics and delivery support you need to deliver more orders faster.


Delivery platforms available

Maximize your reach online with 5 delivery platforms to choose from.


Ghost kitchens versus traditional restaurants


Real Estate

Pay only for the space you need, rather than for empty dining rooms and waiting areas.


Staff required

We provide all your support staff, and there’s no need for front-of-house labor, so you can work with a smaller team.


Weeks to launch

Our facilities are move-in ready and we can help you navigate the permitting process.



Avoid the $1 million+ startup cost on your own restaurant to start seeing profits faster.



With a ghost kitchen, you can break even in as little as 6 months with a 10% profit and $1M in annual sales.

* Varies based on local permitting and operational complexity

Ghost kitchen facility

2 ghost kitchen locations

Our Atlanta facilities are located in the heart of delivery demand, providing you with exclusive access to more online customers.

Ghost kitchen

65 total ghost kitchens

Our Atlanta facilities are equipped with a variety of kitchen layouts to best fit your restaurant needs.

Ghost kitchen cooking space

~200 to 400 sq ft cooking spaces

Choose from a variety of kitchen spaces or open up multiple kitchens to test out new concepts.


Delivery and pickup in high traffic areas

With prime locations that reach the entire downtown Atlanta area, you're able to easily drive more pickup and delivery business to your restaurant.

The Atlanta food scene

Spaghetti - ghost kitchen

Running a ghost kitchen in Atlanta is the new way to get your restaurant business on its feet. With the demand for delivery service rising, business owners need simpler ways to get their food on doorsteps and dinner tables. With a professional ghost kitchen, Atlanta restaurateurs can forgo the brick-and-mortar overhead and cut straight to the cooking.

With a ghost kitchen in Atlanta, business owners can open their doors for takeout delivery in weeks, not months. CloudKitchens provides everything you need to get to work. With convenient locations and on-site order fulfillment, all you have to worry about is bringing your recipes to life.

We can help Atlanta restaurant owners broaden their horizons and easily gain new customers. With prime locations in delivery hotspots, you’ll quickly see your order demand skyrocket. CloudKitchens is designed to put delivery service at the forefront.

Our ghost kitchens also help business owners cut costs with less overhead to budget for. As an Atlanta restaurant owner, you no longer need to pay front-of-house salaries, maintenance costs, or a custodial crew. We take care of all of that for you. 

Your Atlanta ghost kitchen comes with all the technology needed to break into the current delivery market. A restaurant owner can maximize their visibility across all the major food delivery apps and streamline the process by integrating with one easy-to-use tablet built into the CloudKitchens business model. 

Getting your business off the ground has never been easier. With CloudKitchens, you can cut costs and maximize your earning potential with an Atlanta-based ghost kitchen.


We’re here to help

What is a ghost kitchen?

Ghost kitchens, also known as dark kitchens or virtual kitchens, are commissary kitchens built for food delivery. They’re located within the delivery radius of a high volume of online customers, rather than high foot traffic areas. With ghost kitchens, there’s no physical storefront or dining area, so you only need a few back-of-house staff members to fulfill online orders.

How does a ghost kitchen work?

In a ghost kitchen, your restaurant is focused on delivery rather than dine-in. When eaters order your food online, you’ll prepare it from your ghost kitchen, and hand it off to a fulfillment team to get the order over to the right delivery driver. This gives restaurateurs a low cost, high efficiency model to get the most out of delivery.

Are ghost kitchens profitable?

Yes, they can be profitable. Ghost kitchens allow restaurateurs to increase profitability by maintaining the essential elements of a restaurant while cutting costs on labor, overhead, and wasted food while reaching a higher volume of customers ordering online. Plus, you can run multiple virtual brands out of a single ghost kitchen to increase revenue without the extra overhead.

Why are ghost kitchens so popular?

Ghost kitchens are rising in popularity because they’re a lower cost alternative to operating a traditional restaurant. They’re also focused on delivery, which has grown 300% faster than dine-in since 2014. That means restaurateurs are using ghost kitchens to future-proof their business and accelerate growth.

How does a ghost kitchen help your restaurant grow?

Ghost kitchens help restaurateurs grow their business by doing delivery right. The way we dine has changed, and ghost kitchens allow restaurant operators to capture food delivery demand without sacrificing their bottom line. They’re also a great way to expand to new markets without spending time and money on a traditional restaurant buildout. You can easily expand your restaurant brand to different cities across the country such as Los Angeles or New York.

How much do ghost kitchens cost?

The cost of ghost kitchens varies by market, space, and services. Compared to a traditional restaurant, they’re a much lower cost alternative on both upfront capital and ongoing operating costs. You can get started in a ghost kitchen with as little as $30K, instead of $1M+ for brick and mortar buildout.

What are the requirements to set up a ghost kitchen in Atlanta?

Setting up ghost kitchens in Atlanta requires efficient kitchen space and a support staff knowledgeable about state regulations, operational logistics, and local appetites. Similar to an Atlanta commissary kitchen, you’ll also need a variety of kitchen equipment, from commercial-grade sinks and hoods to lighter appliances. 

As the capital of Georgia and a major metropolis, Atlanta features a diverse food scene with plenty of opportunities for quick eats, convenient deliveries, and hot culinary trends. Our Atlanta ghost kitchens capitalize on top urban locations to place you in the center of the culture. Set up your ghost kitchen for success with premium locations and non-stop support.

How much does it cost to start a ghost kitchen facility in Atlanta?

Starting a ghost kitchen Atlantans will love requires significantly less capital than the traditional Atlanta restaurant. While a typical brick-and-mortar space can require startup costs of over $1 million, you can build your delivery service in an Atlanta ghost kitchen for as little as $30k upfront with CloudKitchens.

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