CloudKitchens Partnership Program

By bringing our products and services together, we can expand our industry networks, acquire more customers, improve our value propositions, increase sales volumes, and nurture more successful restaurant owners as they navigate the industry. 

Become a Partner

Referral Partners

Do you work with restaurant owners looking to expand their business to new locations? Help your customers find the perfect kitchen space for their business and earn a referral bonus for every customer you refer to CloudKitchens if they tour a kitchen or if they close a kitchen.

Product Partners

Offer your products or services to our ghost kitchen customers during development and day to day operations. Whether you provide commercial kitchen equipment, food supplies, or restaurant marketing services, our customers need you to help start and effectively run their business.

Technology Partners

When your customers succeed, so do you. With CloudKitchens, deliver more value to your customers by providing not only our nationwide network of ghost kitchens, but also a broader range of industry products and services that are sure to help your customers grow their businesses.

Give your restaurant customers

the ultimate solution to rapid growth

The CloudKitchens Partnership Program enables restaurant industry experts like you to help restaurant owners adopt a ghost kitchen model for food delivery, driving efficiency and a better experience for their customers. The program also provides rewards and incentives for referrals as well as access to a network of industry experts.



Nurture long term, profitable customer relationships by providing your customers with resources to expand their business with access to an expansive network, integrated technology, and enhanced resources.


Restaurant Associations

Increase the reach of your members by helping to streamline operations, and provide more value to their customers through cost savings and enhanced quality.


Franchise Consultants

Rapidly expand your franchise by partnering with Cloudkitchens. Provide the ultimate resource for your operators to grow quickly and capitalize on the latest trends in the restaurant industry.


Restaurant Suppliers

Increase your sales volumes by gaining access to our network of ghost kitchen operators in constant need of restaurant and food supplies. 


Service Providers

Acquire new customers by helping our ghost kitchen operators create a successful restaurant business.


Delivery Services

Take advantage of thousands of delivery orders produced in our ghost kitchens every day as well as high efficiency delivery operations from kitchen to driver.

Our partners


Questions? We're here to help.

How do I become a CloudKitchens partner?

To become a CloudKitchens partner, please provide your contact information by clicking the “Become a Partner” button and someone from our partnerships team will reach out soon.

How does the CloudKitchens partner program work?

When you join the CloudKitchens partner program, you will gain access to your partner portal and a series of training sessions to help get you familiarized with the ghost kitchen concept. You can start referring potential customers immediately, and we will connect them with our local sales teams to provide details on our ghost kitchens. If your referral signs a 12-month agreement, you will be paid a commission for the deal. If you are interested in joining the CloudKitchens Partners Program as a non-referral based partner, our partners team will work with you to develop a mutually valuable partner framework.

What types of partners does CloudKitchens work with?

CloudKitchens works with a range of partners such as brokers, franchise consultants, restaurant associations, restaurant suppliers, delivery services, and restaurant industry service providers.

Why partner with CloudKitchens?

Become a CloudKitchens partner to earn a commission on referrals and leads, acquire new customers, work together to provide restaurant industry solutions, get your product or service in the hands of more customers, and expand your industry network.

What is a ghost kitchen?

A ghost kitchen is a delivery and take-out only kitchen space developed for restaurant owners and restaurant entrepreneurs to grow and build their businesses. By becoming a CloudKitchens partner, you can provide your customers with access to our nationwide network ghost kitchens.