We bring more to the tablet

Our ghost kitchens come with restaurant management technology that streamlines delivery orders and delivers business insights.

All from a single platform.


Technology for
seamless delivery

Our dark kitchen software is at the center of your delivery business, where you can take full advantage of technology to maximize efficiency and manage your operations.

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Bring order to your online orders

Connect all your delivery services into one tablet, and seamlessly manage all your orders through a single workflow. No need to enter orders manually into a POS or juggle multiple tablets.


Easily manage your restaurant business

Get a 360-degree view of your restaurant business with valuable insights that help you understand your sales, order volume, earnings, locations, and brands, all in a single dashboard.


Connect all your delivery platforms

Connect to all the major delivery services available in your area through a single tablet. Add additional platforms easily without the need to manage multiple workflows.


Leverage multiple brands in the same kitchen

Grow even bigger by utilizing our list of globally successful delivery-focused restaurant brands that let you tap into an entirely new consumer base.


The hub for your delivery business

Our software is at the center of your delivery business, where you can take full advantage of technology to maximize efficiency and manage your operations.

Sync delivery services

Connect your delivery services to one single tablet.

Easily add or turn on/off new services and locations. From a single interface, manage your orders, menus, and restaurant information across all delivery services.


A birds eye view of your delivery business.

Powerful filters allow you to drill down by sales, order volume, payout, location, brand, or delivery service to understand the different facets of the business.

Manage orders

Toggle between auto-confirming orders or manually confirming.

Manual acceptance allows for delaying prep times. It's as simple as clicking a button and you can change it as often as you'd like.

Manage menus

Quickly 86 items and effortlessly manage your menus

Make menu updates and 86 menu items across all services from a single tablet. Search and remove selected items off all your delivery service menus with a tap of your finger.


Export your reports and data to powerful spreadsheets

All of your data is organized into powerful-yet-simple reports that can be easily exported to spreadsheets to share with your team.

Order history

Access order history get into the details

Access past order details to check for discrepancies or discuss issues with a customer. Order history makes it simple to find what you need most.

A whole lot more

  • Connect all delivery apps to single tablet
  • Merge order data to create actionable insights
  • Auto-accept and confirm orders
  • 86 items
  • Order history / details
  • Order pausing
  • Manage and sync menus
  • Courier tracking
  • Custom prep times
  • 3rd party couriers
  • Powerful reporting
  • 24/7 support

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