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Why open ghost kitchens in Toronto?


Average basket size

The average basket size at our Toronto ghost kitchen locations is $30, meaning more online revenue for your restaurant business.


Deliveries per week

Tap into more online delivery demand at our Toronto dark kitchen locations with an average of 1.2K deliveries per week.


Average delivery time

Our Toronto ghost kitchens are built for efficiency, with the logistics and delivery support you need to deliver more orders faster.


Delivery platforms available

Maximize your reach online with 5 delivery platforms to choose from.


Ghost kitchens versus traditional restaurants


Real Estate

Pay only for the space you need, rather than for empty dining rooms and waiting areas.


Staff required

We provide all your support staff, and there’s no need for front-of-house labor, so you can work with a smaller team.


Weeks to launch

Our facilities are move-in ready and we can help you navigate the permitting process.



Avoid the $1 million+ startup cost on your own restaurant to start seeing profits faster.



With a ghost kitchen, you can break even in as little as 6 months with a 10% profit and $1M in annual sales.

* Varies based on local permitting and operational complexity

Kitchen specs

All you need and more under the hood

We offer kitchens for modern-day chefs and help get you set up with specialized equipment and minimal fuss.


  • Private kitchen
  • Driver pickup area
  • Staff locker area
  • Restrooms
  • Mop wash
  • Cold & freezer storage
  • Dry storage


  • Order pickup & processing
  • Courier handoff
  • Cleaning & maintenance
  • Safety & health inspections
  • Delivery logistics
  • Extraction & ventilation
  • On-site support staff
  • Delivery software


  • 3 compartment sink
  • Prep sink
  • Hand sink
  • Commercial hood
  • Tablet
  • Grease-trap/interceptor


  • Gas points
  • Power outlets
  • High power lighting
  • Cold & hot water lines
  • Gas/fire safety system
  • WiFi
  • Trash / recycle
  • Ethernet connections
  • Grease/trap cleaning
  • Hood/flu cleaning
  • Pest control

Ghost kitchen facility

1 ghost kitchen location

Our Toronto facility is located in the heart of delivery demand, providing you with exclusive access to more online customers.

Ghost kitchen

37 total ghost kitchens

Our Toronto facility is equipped with a variety of kitchen layouts to best fit your restaurant needs.

Ghost kitchen cooking space

210 to 238 sq ft cooking spaces

Choose from a variety of kitchen spaces or open up multiple kitchens to test out new concepts.


Delivery and pickup in high traffic areas

With prime locations near high concentrations of delivery demand in Toronto, you're able to easily drive more pickup and delivery business to your restaurant.

The Toronto food scene

Spaghetti - ghost kitchen

With greater access to food delivery and high overhead costs for a traditional restaurant, the restaurant industry is making a shift. Open a new restaurant location with a ghost kitchen concept and reimagine what success looks like in your line of work as a restaurant owner. By prioritizing delivery—the future of food services—a ghost restaurant model serves up a whole new selection of benefits and washes away the challenges that have traditionally plagued dine-in restaurants.

Save money and stress when you bypass the standard capital raise and build-out process of a typical Toronto restaurant. Conventional restaurants take up to 52 weeks to open. Through a Toronto ghost kitchen concept, you can start cooking in just four. A Toronto virtual kitchen is a unique restaurant concept that eliminates the headache and financial risk of opening a new location, delivering only results.

Our Toronto ghost kitchens are centrally located in the heart of the city, where hungry customers have an appetite for new restaurants and delivered meals. Move into the hotspots and boost your profits when you access this untapped pool of potential customers with a ghost kitchen in Toronto.

A Toronto ghost kitchen delivers on more than just convenience. Without the usual overhead costs, including front-of-house staff, and wasted square footage for seating, cleaning, and maintenance, your margins will start to grow exponentially. On average, it takes six months for our restaurateurs or restaurant operators to not only break even but start to turn a profit.

The recent growth of online ordering via third party delivery apps like Uber Eats, is undeniable. Nowadays, a customer can utilize digital ordering for almost any restaurant or grocery with ease.  Step into the 21st century of restaurant management technology and digital ordering with the help of a Toronto ghost kitchen. Whether you have an existing restaurant or trying to start a new one, we'll set you up with proprietary technology to help your restaurant brand and whole operation run smoothly. Track delivery orders and integrate with all the delivery app companies to monitor your progress with one easy-to-use tablet.

Let CloudKitchens focus on the traditional stress and struggle of opening a Toronto restaurant, while you focus on what you do best: cooking and serving the best food in Toronto. A dark kitchen in Toronto will set you apart as a local leader in the restaurant revolution with CloudKitchens by your side. There's already a ghost kitchen in Torontolocation waiting for you just around the corner.

Toronto ghost kitchen location
Toronto locations

Get cooking to more locals in the heart of Toronto delivery demand with our ghost kitchens optimized for efficiency.

Toronto Keele ghost kitchen location
Toronto locations

Tap into additional online delivery demand with our Keele St ghost kitchen location.

Locations in all the right places


We’re here to help

What is a ghost kitchen?

Ghost kitchens, also known as dark kitchens or virtual kitchens, are commercial kitchens built for food delivery. They’re located within the delivery radius of a high volume of online customers, rather than high foot traffic areas. With ghost kitchens, there’s no physical storefront or dining area, so you only need a few back-of-house staff members to fulfill online orders.

How does a ghost kitchen work?

In a ghost kitchen, your restaurant is focused on delivery rather than dine-in. When eaters order your food online, you’ll prepare it from your ghost kitchen, and hand it off to a fulfillment team to get the order over to the right delivery driver. This gives restaurateurs a low cost, high efficiency model to get the most out of delivery.

Are ghost kitchens profitable?

Yes, ghost kitchens can be profitable. Ghost kitchens allow restaurateurs to increase profitability by maintaining the essential elements of a restaurant while cutting costs on labor, overhead, and wasted food while reaching a higher volume of customers ordering online. Plus, you can run multiple virtual brands out of a single ghost kitchen to increase revenue without the extra overhead.

Why are ghost kitchens so popular?

Ghost kitchens are rising in popularity because they’re a lower cost alternative to operating a traditional restaurant. They’re also focused on delivery, which has grown 300% faster than dine-in since 2014. That means restaurateurs are using ghost kitchens to future-proof their business and accelerate growth.

How does a ghost kitchen help your restaurant grow?

Ghost kitchens help restaurateurs grow their business by doing delivery right. The way we dine has changed, and ghost kitchens allow restaurant operators to capture food delivery demand without sacrificing their bottom line. They’re also a great way to expand to new markets without spending time and money on a traditional restaurant buildout. You can easily expand your restaurant brand to different cities across the country such as Los Angeles or New York.

How much do ghost kitchens cost?

The cost of ghost kitchens varies by market, space, and services. Compared to a traditional restaurant, they’re a much lower cost alternative on both upfront capital and ongoing operating costs. You can get started in a ghost kitchen with as little as $30K, instead of $1M+ for brick and mortar buildout.

What are the requirements to set up a ghost kitchen in Toronto?

To set up a ghost kitchen Toronto will love, you’ll need a kitchen space that accommodates a basic professional layout. This typically includes various industry-standard sinks, storage spaces, and hoods. Your Toronto commercial kitchen or ghost kitchen will also require permitting and licenses, which we help navigate. 

Beyond the cooking space itself, finding a premium location for your Toronto dark kitchen is key. It’s important to pay attention to food delivery pickup locations and networks when thinking about logistics for Toronto ghost kitchens. When you sign up for a Toronto virtual kitchen with CloudKitchens, we put you right in the middle of our carefully selected culinary hubs. With easy integration and partnering with food delivery apps, your team handles the on-site fulfillment and we help handle the delivery order system so you can focus on the food.

How much does it cost to start a ghost kitchen in Toronto?

With CloudKitchens Toronto, you can kickstart your delivery business with as little as $30k upfront—three times less than the $1 million+ startup costs of a traditional Toronto brick-and-mortar restaurant. More profit potential, fewer costs, and just the right amount of space for restaurant operators looking to expand their business.

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