Picnic Opens its First Digital Food Court in the Avondale Community of Chicago

Picnic Ordering

Picnic opens its first Digital Food Court in the Avondale community of Chicago

AVONDALE, (March 2024) ⎼ A culinary revolution is underway with the grand opening of Picnic, a Digital Food Court that supports a diverse array of dining choices for pickup and delivery.  Picnic brings together over 30 restaurants under one roof; catering to every taste imaginable, from comfort foods to international cuisine to health-conscious options, we have something for everyone!

Picnic is not just a traditional food court; its state-of-the-art ordering system makes it easier than ever to sample amazing food from local restaurateurs. Customers can order ahead through picnicfood.com or use a kiosk to order in person; their food will quickly be ready for them in a numbered locker, making pickup a breeze.

By removing barriers to entry, Picnic makes it possible for local entrepreneurs to break into the restaurant business and share their passion for great food. Picnic’s platform supports multiple restaurants operating side by side, thereby empowering local businesses to thrive in a collaborative environment. Through Picnic, customers can explore a wide range of culinary experiences while supporting the vibrant food scene of the  Avondale community.

Picnic Pickup

Customers can enjoy the convenience of pick-up or delivery from multiple restaurants through Picnic, while also saving on fees that add up when ordering from individual locations. Picnic's consolidated ordering system streamlines the process, making it a win-win for both customers and local restaurateurs.

Picnic invites the community to embark on a culinary adventure; discovering new flavors and supporting the local food scene. With a focus on convenience, variety, and community, Picnic is set to become Avondale's go-to destination for food enthusiasts.

Visit us in-person or online, we look forward to serving you!