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Unlock new trends in food delivery

The golden age of delivery has arrived.

In fact, it's estimated to grow to a net worth of $1.65T by 2027. As the food delivery industry continues to expand, more ghost kitchens are opening up across the US, with 8,105 locations and counting.

Download our free ebook to unlock the latest trends in delivery and what's in store for the ghost kitchen industry. We’re diving into the top F&B trends, the rise of the ghost kitchen industry, and how to leverage AI tech for your restaurant business.

Discover the top trends in food delivery:

  • Take a look behind the kitchen door at the latest food delivery trends and consumer behavior, to better prep your restaurant business for the future.
  • Explore the most popular days and times of the week for delivery, as well as what holidays are bringing in the most online orders.
  • Learn more about recent innovations in delivery tech and how to best leverage for your restaurant.
  • Uncover the best tips and tricks for eliminating food waste and how you can start going green with ghost kitchens.

Stay ahead of the curve and secure more tips on how to best future-proof your restaurant business. Start with a free e-book, and then schedule a tour of one of our state-of-the-art ghost kitchen facilities. We can’t wait to fire up those grills.

Serving 2023 delivery trends


The rise of ghost kitchens

The golden age of delivery has arrived. Learn more about this booming industry and its growing net worth of $1.65T.


Top online food delivery orders

Explore the top cuisines ordered online across the US, including the top pizza orders, sushi and fries.


Top food and beverage trends

New trends are emerging, with customers seeking more plant based alternatives and caffeine free beverages.


How to leverage AI technology for your restaurant

Unlock the best tips and tricks on how to future-proof your restaurant business with the help of AI tech.


Questions? We're here to help.

What is the future of food delivery services?

The food delivery industry is continuing to surge, with more restaurant owners switching to delivery-only alternatives. In fact, up to 44k restaurant owners are now using ghost kitchens.

With new delivery technology emerging, the future of food will involve more usage of AI to cut labor costs, automate customer service and even generate new food photos for an online delivery menu.

How can I build my restaurant business for the future?

Building a sustainable restaurant business for the future means adapting to new delivery tech, optimizing your online menu, and ensuring your restaurant is visible on the top delivery apps.

Discover more tips and tricks in our comprehensive e-book to learn how to future-proof your restaurant business and eliminate food waste.

Are ghost kitchens growing?

Yes, ghost kitchens are on the rise. In fact there are approximately 8,105 ghost kitchens currently in the United States.

As more delivery options become available, restaurateurs are buying-in to a less risky alternative that will bring stability back to their business. Whether you’re living in the middle of a bustling city, or a smaller neighborhood, there’s likely a ghost kitchen in your vicinity that you can expand into.