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CloudKitchens customer spotlight: Larry’s Late Night Eats

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    Staying open into the early hours of the morning, Larry’s Late Night Eats has become the go-to spot for late-night dishes in the heart of Atlanta. Growing up surrounded by close family in the restaurant business, Owner Niko Lambrou has always had a passion for the hospitality industry. Through Larry’s Late Night Eats and a variety of other top-performing brands, Niko has been able to stay in the business he knows and loves. With tasty wings, cheesesteaks, and burgers, there’s always something on the menu for everyone’s late-night cravings. Niko is cooking up some delicious bites with Larry’s Late Night Eats, but that’s not his only restaurant brand. He’s unlocked the secret sauce to rapid growth by launching multiple brands out of one single ghost kitchen. 

    Before ghost kitchens, Niko had worked incredibly long hours for many years at his brick-and-mortar, but he was determined to find a better solution for building his business. This brought Niko to CloudKitchens, which provided him with a faster solution to start launching multiple brands under one roof.

    Ghost kitchen wings

    Here’s what Niko has to say about his CloudKitchens experience and why he recommends partnering with us: 

    Q: Why did you join CloudKitchens?

    A: For most of my life I have always worked within my family’s business, starting when I was 12 years old. During the pandemic with limited staffing and only being open for to-go or delivery orders, I began to see an opportunity to eliminate some of the “cons” of the full-service side of the business. When I visited a CloudKitchens facility and ran the numbers, I knew from experience I could drive the sales and that it would definitely work. 

    Q: How has your business grown since starting with CloudKitchens?

    A: After just a few months we were very much on the rise within our facility and it has been on the rise ever since. 

    Ghost kitchen quesadilla

    Q: What was life like before CloudKitchens? What is it like now?

    A: Before CloudKitchens, I used to grind 50 to 80+ hours a week all hours of the day and night in a 24-hour downtown diner. Managing a full staff, front and back of the house, along with a wide variety of guests, conventions, and the party crowd. It was a lot to deal with and didn’t give much room for life. After about a year or so at CloudKitchens and once all the pieces of the puzzle and systems were in place, I was able to step away little by little. Now on a good week, I’ll work 10 to 15 hours max, I feel truly blessed and fortunate. 

    Q: Would you recommend CloudKitchens to others in the restaurant industry? Why?

    A: I would recommend it to those who have solid experience in the restaurant industry, a good head for business, and a plan for the worst but hope for the best philosophy. 

    Now Niko can quickly expand and launch multiple brands by leveraging ghost kitchens. Not only is he seeing success with Late Night Larry’s, but also with his new brands Cheesesteak City and Hell Yeah Hamburgers. He’s been able to build his business from scratch and diversify his brand portfolio. What other brands will Niko launch next? The sky’s the limit.

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