Blog / October 4, 2023 / Jeff Stumpf / UPDATED February 17, 2024

CloudKitchens customer spotlight: Thai District

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    Thai District brings a unique twist to authentic Thai cuisine. This Long Beach local favorite was created by chefs André Angles and Ty Theara, who both bring a diverse range of culinary experience to the table. Their menu features locally sourced ingredients that are freshly picked from their garden in Long Beach, elevating the flavors of each dish. Some of their specialty menu items include Osso Buco, Thai District Style, with Masaman curry sauce, and steamed flat rice noodles as well as Roasted Duck Curry with young japanese sweet bamboo shoots. Each menu item fuses traditional Thai cuisine with a modern flair and sustainable ingredients. 

    Before Thai District made the switch to delivery-only with CloudKitchens, the brand struggled to fulfill incoming deliveries at their brick and mortar. They needed more kitchen space to prepare delivery orders and handoffs without disrupting dine-in service. Even further, with high labor costs, it was difficult to stay afloat (especially during the pandemic). Now André and Ty have been able to increase their delivery volume while minimizing overhead costs and maintaining a seamless delivery experience for their customers. Here’s what Chef André has to say about his CloudKitchens experience and why he recommends partnering with us:

    Ghost Kitchen Pad Thai

    Q: Why did you join CloudKitchens?

    A: Before CloudKitchens, we struggled to manage incoming deliveries on all of our tablets at our brick and mortar location. Now it’s a smoother, easier process for us to fulfill each order.

    Q: How has your business grown since starting with CloudKitchens?

    A: I had no idea how many deliveries we could do with CloudKitchens! We’ve been able to double our delivery volume.

    Q: What was life like before CloudKitchens? What is it like now?

    A: Before CloudKitchens, we had 4 or 5 tablets that had multiple incoming orders coming in on each simultaneously. We had to input each order into our own POS system and it was very time consuming. We were barely able to keep up with delivery at our brick and mortar. Now, it’s much easier to manage each incoming order, and the support team helps us if there’s any issues with any incoming orders.

    Ghost Kitchen Curry

    Q: Would you recommend CloudKitchens to others in the restaurant industry? Why?

    A:Yes, I already have. My friend has already signed with CloudKitchens in Anaheim. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the restaurant industry, whether there’s a pandemic or an economic crisis…but CloudKitchens is safe, no matter what. If things are bad out there, people will still order food for takeout and delivery. It is a bulletproof concept. We’ve done better with CloudKitchens than we ever did before with our brick and mortar alone. 

    Now André and Ty are able to manage all of their deliveries for their virtual kitchen on one single tablet. They’ve been able to lower their overhead costs while maximizing revenue online. Regardless of what happens to the economy, they feel safe knowing that their business will stay intact at CloudKitchens. Due to such low startup costs, they’ve even opened up two kitchens in one of our facilities to have extra kitchen space for their deliveries. The sky’s the limit for Thai District.

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