Ghost kitchens: the ultimate guide

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CloudKitchens' comprehensive guide to ghost kitchens

Ghost kitchens are known by many names—dark kitchens, commercial kitchens, delivery kitchens, and more. No matter the moniker, they all share a common purpose. Ghost kitchens are private kitchen spaces that serve an online, delivery-only clientele, and they’re widely considered to be the future of the food industry. 

Whether you’re an established restaurateur, a chef, or a food entrepreneur, getting into the ghost kitchen game could mean great news for your business. If you’re new to the concept of a delivery-only kitchen, though, the learning curve may feel a bit steep. Luckily, CloudKitchens is here to make things simple for you (it’s what we do best, after all).

Download our free e-book, “Ghost kitchens: the ultimate guide,” and enjoy an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at everything that goes into creating a successful ghost kitchen. From term definition and delivery kitchen history to practical operational tips and statistics, we’ll have you in the know and ready to go in no time. 

Here are just a few of the topics covered in “Ghost kitchens: the ultimate guide”:

  • How ghost kitchens work, from acquiring equipment to fulfilling orders
  • The different types of ghost kitchens
  • A seven-step, quick start guide to opening your own ghost kitchen
  • Marketing, branding, and website building tips and tricks

Check out the free e-book, then set up an appointment to tour one of our cutting edge facilities—when it comes to opening and operating your very own ghost kitchen, CloudKitchens has your back.

What's included in the ultimate guide to ghost kitchens?


Different types of ghost kitchens

Explore the different types of ghost kitchens to determine which might be the best fit for your restaurant business.


Ghost kitchen profitability

Learn how ghost kitchens can be leveraged to minimize cost and maximize revenue.


How ghost kitchens work

Learn the ins and outs of ghost kitchens, how they work, whether they're profitable, and how you can get started.


How to get started

Unlock tips and tricks for getting started and growing your business with ghost kitchens.


Questions? We're here to help.

What is a ghost kitchen?

A ghost kitchen is a professional, private kitchen space dedicated to delivery-only cuisine, also known by other names such as dark kitchens, commercial kitchens, and online kitchens. 

Are ghost kitchens really worth it?

A well-run ghost kitchen is a fantastic investment for existing restaurants and new endeavors alike. With less square footage, a small staff, and lower overhead and initial investment costs than traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants, ghost kitchens have the potential to provide an incredible ROI (and within a much quicker timeframe to boot).

Opening a ghost kitchen in partnership with CloudKitchens offers even more value since we can help support with order fulfillment. Schedule a tour of one of our facilities today to see just how worth it a ghost kitchen can truly be.

What's the easiest way to start a delivery-only ghost kitchen?

Every city and state has different requirements that must be fulfilled when you open a food service establishment. From proper permitting to health inspections, it’s vitally important to fulfill these requirements to ensure that your business is legal and safe to operate. 

On top of bureaucratic concerns, opening a ghost kitchen means hiring staff, developing a menu, sourcing supplies, and setting up your online presence through social media, websites, delivery apps, and more. 

Ultimately, there’s a lot to think about—but you can make things easier by partnering with CloudKitchens. We’ll help you sort through all of the ins and outs of starting a delivery-only kitchen, and we’ll even take some of the paperwork off your hands for you. 

Sound intriguing? Reach out to our team today to schedule a tour.