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Most restaurants weren't designed to process hundreds of delivery orders. That's where ghost kitchens come in. Franchisors across the globe are leveraging this less risky delivery-only alternative to fulfill delivery and pickup orders while freeing up brick and mortar locations for dine-in. Established and emerging brands alike are able to fast track development of whitespace opportunities in existing and new markets.

With a total upfront investment of just $100 to $200K, franchisors are also able to expand at a much faster rate with a lower upfront investment.

At CloudKitchens, our delivery and pickup optimized locations bring low-cost access to high density neighborhoods, helping restaurant brands reach new customers through delivery.

Unlock our Delivery Efficiency guide to learn more about scaling your brand with the world's largest ghost kitchen provider:

  • Unlock new whitespace opportunities
  • Optimize for delivery efficiency
  • Rapidly expand to dense urban cores
  • Leverage seamless tech

Once you've downloaded our free guide and you're interested in seeing one of our facilities in action, feel free to explore CloudKitchens locations in your area and schedule a tour with one of our local delivery experts.

The ultimate guide to delivery efficiency


Unlock new whitespace opportunities

Learn how to fast track development of whitespace opportunities in existing and new markets


Rapidly expand to dense urban cores

Expand into adjacent submarkets, even where real estate is cost prohibitive and challenging due to regulatory constraints.


Optimize for delivery efficiency

Move delivery volume out of overburdened B&Ms into nearby CloudKitchens locations


Leverage seamless tech

Hand off the handover process and deliver more online orders faster