CloudKitchens Welcomes Taco Bell in San Francisco, Reaching 1M Locals

CloudKitchens Welcomes Taco Bell in San Francisco, Reaching 1M Locals

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Feb 16th, 2024) ⎼ DRG, one of North America’s largest Taco Bell operators, has officially opened one of its newest sites at CloudKitchens in the Bay Area, leveraging a growing, low-risk, and low-capital investment off-premise model to scale operations. 

The collaboration means more delivery and pickup options, more accessibility, and more bold flavors Taco Bell is celebrated for, all coming directly from a CloudKitchens delivery hub in San Francisco: the “Charter Oak Food Pickup”.

Located just southeast of the famous Mission District, the CloudKitchens location services nearby neighborhoods in its radius, including the Mission, Mission Bay, SoMa, Potrero Hill, Bernal Heights, Bayview/ Hunters Point, Noe Valley; and reaches as far as SF State/ Park Merced and Daly City. With over 40 commercial kitchens, Taco Bell and its neighboring kitchens service large order volumes throughout the day and during late night. 

Here’s what the CloudKitchens team at this location had to say about the recent partnership with Taco Bell and DRG:

“DRG is a sophisticated operator that uniquely understands how to leverage the CloudKitchens model for further market penetration and growth. Working collaboratively, we launched this location in a few months and created a blue-print for scale. The proof is in the tacos: since their opening, DRG's operation has been a hit with their customers in the surrounding neighborhoods, and among their staff who enjoy the efficient environment."


Franchisees are expanding with ghost kitchens to deliver on their growth targets in record time and unlock the ability to expand to multiple delivery hubs across the globe. 

Now that DRG has partnered with CloudKitchens, they can meet delivery demand with a streamlined online ordering system that ensures your favorite tacos, burritos, and nachos are only a few clicks away. 

It underscores the city's role as a testing ground for new and emerging food service models, blending technology with gastronomy to cater to the dynamic needs of its residents. 

By embracing the ghost kitchen model,  DRG is not only addressing the immediate needs of its customers but also paving the way for the future of the fast-food industry. As these ghost kitchens begin to serve up the beloved menu items, they promise to bring a new level of Live Más to the heart of San Francisco, one delivery at a time.

Each Taco Bell menu item is available for delivery and can be ordered through Charter Oak Food Pickup or your favorite delivery app.