Reach 616,000 New Customers Through Delivery with 3rd Houston Ghost Kitchen

Reach 616,000 New Customers Through Delivery with 3rd Houston Ghost Kitchen

HOUSTON, TEXAS, (DECEMBER 18th 2023) ⎼ CloudKitchens is opening its 3rd facility in Houston, TX. Memorial Food Hall reaches 616,000 customers within a 15 minutes delivery radius and is an ideal restaurant expansion opportunity.

There’s 5 different kitchen sizes ranging from 200 sqft to 400+, with 25 kitchens available total. This means operators of all sizes and with all different cuisines can find their perfect match at Memorial Food Hall!

Lankford Burgers, The Pho Shack, Bad Chix, and Mr. Soy Sauce are among the operators who have secured a spot in the facility so far!

Memorial Food Hall is in close proximity to Memorial City Mall, City Center and the Energy Corridor!

With a prime delivery location near high concentrations of delivery demand, this facility offers the perfect opportunity to grow a successful restaurant business.

The facility operations manager is thrilled to be welcoming such exciting brands. “The brand new Houston-Wilcrest location “Memorial Food Co” is finally LIVE! This is the third location in the H-town metro area, joining Blodgett and Fairdale. For those who are familiar with Houston, 2022 Wilcrest Dr is perfectly nestled in the Westchase district and I-10 Energy Corridor. No doubt we will thrive in this location! Please come visit us!”

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