Hyer and CloudKitchens Unite to Transform Labor Logistics

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Hyer and CloudKitchens Unite to Transform Labor Logistics

NATIONWIDE (April 2024) ⎼ Hyer, a leading on-demand labor app connecting businesses to independent workers in the gig economy, has partnered with CloudKitchens, providing a new labor solution for restaurants.

With 9 out of 10 operators saying that being understaffed has a significant impact on their ability to grow and be successful, according to the 2024 State of Restaurant Report, their partnership brings accessibility and opportunities to restaurateurs looking to efficiently staff their kitchens in a fast, flexible, affordable way.

Here’s what the Hyer team had to say about this recent partnership:

“We’ve all witnessed the critical labor shortage the restaurant industry continues to battle. Tapping into the growing gig economy is an excellent way for restaurateurs to quickly get the help they need–when they need it,” said Dave Dempsey, Co-Founder and CEO of Hyer. “Teaming up with CloudKitchens, we’re excited to offer a solution that can alleviate ongoing staffing challenges,” he said.

Restaurateurs across the globe are searching to fill labor shortages fast with the help of Hyer. 

Here's what the CloudKitchens team had to say about this new partnership:

"We're excited to announce our collaboration with Hyer to address the ongoing staffing challenges in the restaurant industry. At CloudKitchens, we're not just about providing kitchen spaces; we're all about finding practical solutions. Together with Hyer, we're here to make running restaurants smoother and more efficient than ever before."

Interested in learning more about how you can take advantage of this partnership?  Visit our links below to speak to one of our delivery experts.

About Hyer

Designed to disrupt traditional staffing agency models, Hyer is a leading on-demand labor app connecting the hospitality and retail industries to a pool of 400K gig workers in real-time. Guided by their mission of reinviting how work gets done, Hyer was launched by a team of industry veterans in 2019—and today has expanded their footprint across 27 states. 

Website: https://gohyer.com/

Press contact: press@gohyer.com