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5 simple steps to grow your restaurant business


We've got the tools you need to help your restaurant business shine online 

The rise in popularity of convenient online delivery options has led global revenue in the delivery market to almost double in the past few years.

Recent surveys are also showing that on average, people are ordering takeout twice a week.2

As more restaurants are shifting to delivery online, it may feel impossible to be able to stand out. That’s why we’re diving into the best tips and tricks to grow your restaurant business online. Check it out.

1. Capture more orders with website integration 

The more convenient you make it for customers to order from your restaurant, the more likely a customer will choose your restaurant instead of a competitor. Just think of when you’re going to make an online purchase, if there are too many steps along the way, chances are you will go somewhere else. 

Through simply integrating your Doordash storefront or other delivery app storefronts with your restaurant website, you’ll make it quick and easy for hungry customers to order their favorite dishes in less time. 

Once your website is integrated with delivery apps, you can take the next step and promote this on your social media accounts to bring in more orders from organic social in addition to your website. 

Plus, it’s estimated that approximately 50% of restaurant customers are influenced by social media.3

When hungry customers are searching online, they will often visit a restaurant’s social media account prior to ordering pickup or delivery. Chances are, most of your customers are checking out photos on your social media before they even place an order. 

Why not make it easy for them to place an order by placing a link in your social media bio? 

Social media is also the perfect channel to announce new dishes coming to your menu, any special promotions or offers, as well as another place to simply show off your great food. 

Once your website and social media accounts are integrated with delivery apps, you’re ready to explore new strategies to expand your customer base and continue growing your restaurant business online.

2. Partner up with other restaurants 

It may seem counterintuitive, but partnering up with other local restaurants can help you expand your customer base through cross promotion. 

It’s as simple as offering a special discount on a partner’s website or social media page and having them do the same on your website. 

You can also bundle deals by partnering up with other restaurants that complement your menu. 

Is there a big event coming soon to your neighborhood, such as a concert or festival? Let’s say you have the best brunch spot in town. Partner with another restaurant in the area that has a popular dinner menu with a special discount and you’re able to further expand your reach.

In addition to partnering up with local restaurants, you can take your strategy a step further with localized marketing strategies. We're diving into that next. 

Delivery pick up

3. Localize your marketing tactics 

Start reaching more local customers with print flyers and signage around your restaurant location. You can post a QR code on each flyer to help drive more orders by making it quick and easy for passersby to quickly pull out their phones and check out your menu.

This will help you maximize your reach by not only reaching more hungry customers online, but also more locals in your area.

It’s all about convenience. The easier it is to order from your restaurant, the more likely a hungry customer will choose your restaurant over a competitor. 

You’ll not only want to localize your tactics when it comes to print flyers and signage, but you’ll also want to leverage local SEO to bring in new customers when they’re searching for food in your area.

4. Build out your local SEO strategy 

If hungry customers are searching online for restaurants in your area, you’ll want to ensure that your restaurant is showing up in their search results. 

Up to 46% of Google searches are coming from users searching for information in their area.4

Look for keywords that most customers are searching for and ensure you are placing those in your headers and sections throughout your page to increase your chances of ranking on Google. 

Let’s say you have the best pizza in town. You’ll want to ensure when hungry customers are searching for the best pizza in your area, that your restaurant is coming up in search results. 

Plus, the benefit of SEO is that it doesn’t require any ad spend. Simply start by updating your website with keywords that customers are searching for, and start growing your online customer base organically. 

But don’t limit yourself to one cuisine type. You can further maximize your reach online by launching multiple virtual brands out of one single location.

5. Launch multiple virtual brands to maximize reach 

Now you can grow your restaurant business without having to build out another brick and mortar location. It’s estimated that by 2030, the virtual restaurants and ghost kitchen market will be worth $1 trillion.

With virtual brands, you can leverage existing ingredients to create new brands online and start doubling your reach. 

Let’s say you have some killer breakfast bowls. Build this out into a breakfast burrito brand, breakfast sandwiches, the sky’s the limit. You’ll be able to get your brands in front of new customers, without ordering additional ingredients. It's a win-win. 

Now you’ll be able to expand your restaurant business without the need for extra kitchen space, staff, or even new ingredients.

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