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Revitalizing Your Local Community With Ghost Kitchens

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    Curious if there are ghost kitchens in your neighborhood? Chances are, there’s more than you think. At CloudKitchens, our technology-first concept allows restaurateurs to thrive with commercial kitchens built for online delivery.

    In the short time that we’ve opened up our commercial kitchens, we’ve generated more jobs in your community, even during a recession. We’re revitalizing struggling communities to help boost your local economy, one ghost kitchen at a time. 

    Boosting your local economy – during and after a pandemic

    You may be wondering, what is a ghost kitchen, and how do we help build up your local neighborhood? We start by setting up shops in cheaper areas with high concentrations of online delivery demand. This brings you more hungry customers within reach, at a fraction of the cost. 

    At CloudKitchens, we find the best possible location that captures the most delivery demand, at the lowest cost. With demographic data, key data points of interest, and proprietary software, we develop delivery heatmaps that drive where we set up shop. 

    In other words, we’ve done all the homework to determine the best market fit for your delivery business.

    Our low-cost, tech-enabled ghost kitchens set you and your restaurant up for delivery success, making it easy to get up and running in less time than a brick-and-mortar. 

    You can even customize your kitchen to your specific needs at a much lower upfront investment than brick and mortar. Plus, with over 60% of consumers in the U.S. ordering online delivery at least once a week, we’re helping more and more restaurateurs tap into this booming market.1

    What better way to tap into the growing delivery market than with plug-and-play kitchen space optimized for delivery? 

    Our ghost kitchens are designed to help you run your delivery business with maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Each comes fully equipped with a commercial kitchen hood and three-compartment sink so you’re up and running in no time. 

    You’ll also have the restaurant technology you need to forecast based on delivery demand. This means more time for you to focus on what you do best: cooking your favorite dishes for your hungry customers. 

    Although you’re in a location at a lower cost, with a delivery-only kitchen you aren’t giving up any of the demand for your business. You’ve just taken your business online. 

    What else are we doing to help support your local neighborhood? We’re giving you an inside look at how we’re fueling restaurant industry growth, one ghost kitchen at a time. 

    Let’s take a look behind the kitchen door.

    Let’s build up our local communities together

    Our thriving business model is helping restaurant owners and entrepreneurs reach their revenue potential. Here’s how we’ve helped boost the economy so far, and it’s only up from here. 

    New jobs for our customers  

    We’ve generated new jobs among our customers who work directly out of our commercial kitchens across the United States. By bringing more customers within reach, our ghost kitchens are helping our partners thrive, even when foot traffic is hard to come by.

    Instead of spending so much on high overhead costs, our partners are able to focus on delivery orders and maximizing revenue for their business. They’re able to unlock their revenue potential with a ghost kitchen location in the heart of delivery demand. 

    Even if you’re looking to test out a new food concept, ghost kitchens are a low-risk way to launch a new concept and test the waters with consumers online.

    Welcoming more small business owners

    We’ve created opportunities across the U.S. for women and minority small business owners to help make their restaurant dreams a reality. 

    We’re obsessed with your success, and that’s why we’re opening up ghost kitchens where you need them the most. Our dedicated onsite teams lend a helping hand so you can deliver more orders faster.

    We’re bringing prime delivery locations within reach

    You might be wondering, “Is there a ghost kitchen near me?” 

    CloudKitchens is launching markets all the time in locations such as ghost kitchens in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. The delivery industry is rapidly growing and is expected to reach $490B by 2025.2 There are more and more ghost kitchens entering the market in multiple cities, meaning more growth potential for you and your restaurant business.

    Ready to get cooking in your neighborhood?

    Check out our ghost kitchens in your community.

    Ready to start firing up the grills? Schedule a tour with one of our delivery experts to see our kitchens for yourself.

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