Blog / October 26, 2023 / Vinny Gentile / UPDATED February 17, 2024

CloudKitchens customer spotlight: Plant Powered Kitchen

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    Husband and wife Sonia Yekkalar and Jeff Market found a need for plant-based food options at better prices. From this, Plant Powered Kitchen was born. They’re offering 100% vegan food, on a mission to make the world a peaceful and more sustainable place without sacrificing the taste and quality of their food. The Plant Powered Kitchen menu features a variety of vegan dishes, including vegan breakfast burritos, pizzas, burgers and french fries. Their House Burrito features a warm tortilla with vegan beef, refried beans, pico de gallo and vegan cheese. Being fairly new to the restaurant industry, they chose CloudKitchens as their partner in building their delivery business. 

    Ghost Kitchens- Pizza

    Before Sonia and Jeff created Plant Powered Kitchen with CloudKitchens, they struggled finding the best low risk, low cost option for their business, and were hesitant to go in it alone. They were able to get started much faster in a ghost kitchen than they would have with a traditional brick and mortar, with the support they needed to fulfill each delivery order. Here’s what Sonia and Jeff have to say about their CloudKitchens experience and why they recommend partnering with us:

    Q: Why did you join CloudKitchens?

    A: We started to do research to get some ideas on how to run a restaurant but considering the fact we both have little restaurant industry experience, we were totally lost in the process until we found out about the CloudKitchens concept. We love their service mainly because it helps reduce the risks involved with starting a restaurant business.

    Q: How has your business grown since starting with CloudKitchens?

    A: We’ve been able to create the Plant Powered Kitchen brand and expand our delivery radius to reach more customers online. This is something we wouldn’t be able to do without CloudKitchens support.

    Q: What was life like before CloudKitchens? What is it like now?

    A: Before CloudKitchens, we were struggling to find the best option to get started with our restaurant business. We knew that delivery requires skills and tools that we didn’t have as a small business. Now we don’t have to worry about the order taking or delivery, thanks to the awesome team at CloudKitchens. I don’t think we would have been able to start and run our restaurant brand in the traditional way considering our minimal experience in the restaurant business as well as unexpected circumstances with the pandemic.

    Ghost Kitchens- burrito

    Q: Would you recommend CloudKitchens to others in the restaurant industry? Why?

    A: Of course. This concept is vital. This journey has been both exciting and a little stressful at the same time, but reducing the initial investment as well as the delivery costs gives us a little more peace of mind. 

    Sofia and Jeff are now able to focus on growth and building Plant Powered Kitchen online. With CloudKitchens, they’re able to reach more customers than ever before. 

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