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CloudKitchens Customer Spotlight: Happy Holdings

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    Driven by their curiosity in ghost kitchens, owners Wesley Li and Ana Moreno officially entered the restaurant industry through delivery back in 2021. It was a steep learning curve, but the support of the ghost kitchen community and fellow tenants at CloudKitchens locations helped them feel like he was part of the family. What first began as a small food business, quickly grew into a multi-brand delivery powerhouse, accelerating their break-even point and reaching more online customers through delivery. 

    After launching his first brand in a single ghost kitchen unit, Wesley and his team are now operating out of 3 separate kitchen spaces with multiple virtual brands offering Asian fusion for delivery and pickup. 

    Here’s what owner Wesley Li has to say about his restaurant growth:

    “In terms of our growth trajectory, we are essentially able to double our run rate revenue every year with CloudKitchens. This steady and rapid growth underscores not just the scalability of the CloudKitchens model, but also our ability to adapt and thrive by partnering with CloudKitchens.”

    Here’s what Wesley has to say about his CloudKitchens experience and why he recommends partnering with us:

    Q: Why did you join CloudKitchens?

    A: My journey into the restaurant industry was rather unconventional and driven by curiosity and opportunity rather than a pre-existing passion for food. The concept piqued my interest when I stumbled upon a CNBC article about ghost kitchens. Coming from a background in economics and math, I was immediately intrigued by the business model’s potential for scalability and innovation in the restaurant space.

    We officially entered the industry without a traditional restaurant background, which meant there was a steep learning curve. However, the supportive environment of the ghost kitchen community played a pivotal role in our early days. Fellow tenants in the ghost kitchen space were exceptionally welcoming and always willing to share insights and answer questions. Moreover, CloudKitchens’ customer success team was instrumental in smoothing out the initial challenges. Their guidance was invaluable in helping us navigate and understand the intricacies of this unique business model.

    Q: How has your business grown since starting with CloudKitchens?

    A: Our journey with CloudKitchens has been marked by significant growth and learning experiences. We started with a single kitchen unit, dedicating our initial months to understanding and refining our operations within the ghost kitchen model. Encouraged by our initial success, we expanded to a second location within six months. However, this expansion presented its own set of challenges, and we realized that the second location wasn’t performing as expected. In a testament to CloudKitchens’ flexibility and support, they accommodated our need to consolidate back to one location.

    This strategic move proved beneficial. We reorganized and currently operate three kitchens within a single CloudKitchens location. With these adjustments, we are now gearing up to expand to another location in the next 3-4 months. In terms of our growth trajectory, we are essentially able to double our run rate revenue every year with CloudKitchens. This steady and rapid growth underscores not just the scalability of the CloudKitchens model, but also our ability to adapt and thrive by partnering with CloudKitchens.

    Q: How has CloudKitchens changed the way you think about delivery?

    A: Aligning with CloudKitchens has been a transformative experience, significantly broadening our perspective on the potential within the delivery sector of the restaurant industry. This partnership has illuminated the vast scope for enhancements and added value in the delivery domain.

    A particularly impactful moment was our conversation with Travis Kalanick. He emphasized the importance of attention to details, a principle that resonated deeply with us. We’ve adopted this philosophy wholeheartedly, focusing on making continuous improvements on the “details” that collectively create a superior delivery experience. We recognize that as the public becomes increasingly reliant on delivery platforms, excelling in this sphere is not just beneficial but essential.

    This partnership has instilled in us a belief in the critical importance of refining every aspect of our delivery service. We’re committed to leveraging the opportunities presented by CloudKitchens to stand out in a rapidly evolving and competitive marketplace.

    Q: What’s your favorite part about ghost kitchens?

    A: Operating in a delivery-only kitchen environment, particularly within a ghost kitchen setup, has been a game-changer for our business. The most significant advantage is the ability to concentrate exclusively on food production and quality. This focus enables us to channel our resources and efforts into perfecting our culinary offerings, without the distractions and complexities that come with traditional restaurant management, such as handling cash transactions, managing servers, and dealing with dine-in customer service issues.

    This streamlined approach allows for more space to innovate and continually refine our processes. We can experiment with new recipes and cooking techniques, optimize our kitchen layout for efficiency, and enhance our packaging for better food delivery experiences. Essentially, the ghost kitchen model strips down the restaurant experience to its core – exceptional food production – allowing us to excel in this aspect without the overhead and challenges of a full-service restaurant

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